Adrian Cobzasu


Something about me

I was into cars and bikes since forever. If it had wheels and made some noise, I was all over it. I guess my dad being a mechanic had a lot to do with my interests in petrol fueled contraptions.


2007 marked the first year my pictures were published in a printed nationwide magazine. There was a lot to learn and the internet was still in its infancy, so information was scarce. But, having started in the digital era, being self-taught was way easier a path for one starting out than in the old days, on film.


Fast forward 7 years and people in the industry started to take notice of me. More complex jobs appeared and I started focusing on concepts and visuals, rather than just pictures.


2019 – official photographer at an international BMW event. I don’t know if I had already gathered those 10.000 hours by then, but it certainly felt like it.
©Adrian Cobzasu
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